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Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak’s New Ambition Kicks Off on HBTC.com

2020-12-14     starsgazette

Singapore - Steve Wozniak, Apple’s co-founder, is dedicated to developing a new blockchain project called Efforce. With the purpose of funding energy-efficient projects, Efforce recently launched its token WOZX on HBTC.com, a 100% Token Holder Owned Trading Platform. The cooperation between a high-tech team backed by Wozniak and a leading team from the blockchain industry has shown an ambition that may end up a revolution to the existing environment and energy industries.


Linking the financing contributors and the energy savers—the first blockchain platform that makes the energy efficiency market accessible to everyone.

After the success with Apple, Steve Wozniak has long been attracted to the technology of blockchain and the use of cryptocurrencies. As a believer of the yet young but rapidly raising blockchain industry and cryptocurrency economics, Wozniak, along with other industry experts, have started an energy-efficiency company named Efforce. Efforce is a blockchain-based energy saving trading platform which provides an innovative way for companies to funding energy-efficient projects and saving energy expenses. By adopting the blockchain technology and launching a token named WOZX, Efforce allows contributors to fund the efficiency improvement projects by investing in WOZX and get repaid in tokens representing the energy savings achieved.

The energy efficiency market has always been a complex financial system with barriers for retail investors to make contributions. However, with the innovative business model launched by Efforce, anyone who is interested in contributing or investing in the energy saving projects can now easily access the market. On the other hand, companies who wish to implement solutions on its energy system or start the energy efficiency improvement projects no longer need to worry about the lack of fund or go through the tedious funding processes, instead, they will be able to negotiate its energy savings directly with consumers or contributors from the open market. Tokenization will play an important role in the funding process. With the issuance of WOZX, a contractual relationship between the contributors and the companies that need funds for their energy efficiency projects can be formed. The energy saved as a result of the energy efficiency projects will be tokenized back to WOZX and distributed to the contributors.

“We created Efforce to be the first decentralized platform that allows everyone to participate and benefit financially from worldwide energy efficiency projects, and create meaningful environmental change,” as Wozniak stated. The goal to decentralize the $241 billion energy financing market is just like what Apple aimed in popularizing personal computers.

WOZX launched on HBTC.com, the exchange that secured by the best-in-class trading systems and adopts rigorous asset selection processes

As the most important part of realizing Efforce’s ultimate goal, the token WOZX has been carefully designed and issued. The Wozniak team has chosen HBTC.com to first launch the WOZX. The cooperation is a natural choice given HBTC’s superior technology practice, renowned industry reputation, and industry-leading trading experience.

HBTC was founded by James Ju in 2018, and is under the business of Bluehelix Group, aiming to provide professional blockchain and fintech services. Bluehelix group has received investments from Huobi, OKEx, and other institutions and gathered the best talents worked in top technology companies such as Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, and Google. BHEX rebranded as HBTC in 2020 and launched the innovative HBC 10x repurchase plan and HBTC Captain incentive scheme. Under the repurchase plan, 100% of HBTC’s revenue will be used to repurchase the HBC on the secondary market with the price calculated by 10x PE (10x PE = HBC price /annualized revenue per HBC * 10). The Price of HBC has increased 234% consequently.

HBTC’s cryptocurrency trading platform is known for its security, liquidity, and efficiency. MAS exempted licensed in Singapore, HBTC’s trading system is backboned by Bluehelix Cloud, has developed a best-in-class system that backs the trading experience and fund security. HBTC’s trading platform has experienced a total of 6,027 system upgrades and 136,569 system structure within 3 years after its launch in 2018, keeping a record of 0 asset losing accident. With the recent upgrade of the system, HBTC’s new system is able to achieve even a higher level of reliability:

Bluehelix Cloud trading system:

Fast, stable, and accurate are the main performance that HBTC is always improving. HBTC’s Bluehelix Cloud trading system processes up to 300,000 orders per second, and orders can be completed within 1ms. Even during the event of the system upgrade, the system availability is still maintained at 99.99% for 2020.

Contract system:

Users are able to switch between isolated and cross margin at any time, even with an open position, and no transaction fee will be charged for the switch. Also, users are able to withdraw all margins as long as there is enough profit.

Trading experience:
A single account for spot and contract trading and a system that calculates the risk limit automatically.

BitStody custodian solution:
Both centralized custody and decentralized custody are available, with patented decentralized key generation technology.

Quality Asset

Coin listing is another dimension that HBTC leverages to ensure the smoothness of the user experience, achieves a win-win situation for the traders and the trading platform, and reduces the problem of low liquidity in the early stages of high-quality projects. During the selection of quality assets, HBTC.com adheres to the principle of a rigorous selection of assets from different projects to enable a proper range of digital assets. At the same time, in order to solve existing pain points in the digital asset industry, which currently lacks a market-making management solution, HBTC has launched its own “coin listing crowdsourcing liquidity initiative”, redefining the exchange market making model. These initiatives, coupled with reliable user protection and a responsible attitude, have earned a positive reputation among users.

Since its inception, the HBTC exchange has been committed to the discovery of both quality and promising digital asset projects. Before its partnership with Efforce, HBTC has supported famous projects such as the decentralized oracle Nest Protocol and decentralized exchange Serum.

Bluehelix group’s path to the future prosperity of blockchain: exchange, public chain, and cloud service

Although widely perceived as an exchange, trading is actually just one of the three main services provided by Bluehelix Group. In fact, Bluehelix Group has built three solid pillars, which are HBTC exchange platform, HBTC chain, and Bluehelix cloud SaaS service, to support the comprehensive development of its business and to give a full paly to the beauty and potential of the technology and blockchain. It is without a doubt that the strong market position and rapid growth of Bluehelix Group’s exchange service, public chain, and cloud service are leading it into the future prosperity of blockchain.

Named as Bluehelix Cloud, Bluehelix Group’s cloud service is one of the largest technology providers for the global cryptocurrency exchange. Data tells the facts: Bluehelix Cloud has more than 320 institutional clients around the globe, and more than 6 billion dollars are escrowed by Bluehelix Cloud, covering 15 million users globally. The service type is also diversified, providing system support for the spot, futures, and options markets.

While the exchange is providing superior trading services to users and the Bluehelix Cloud is the backbone that supports the fund security and the smooth operation for numerous exchange platforms, the HBTC Chain was launched as the first public chain for decentralized cross-chain custody. Positioned as the infrastructure for DeFi, HBTC Chain’s decentralized key generation technology has obtained a patent in the United States, and is currently in the phase of testing with an expectation for the mainnet to launch in mid-December. HBTC Chain has made the cross-chain between heterogenous chains possible, will be supporting the cross-chain custody and transactions for more than 10 mainstream digital assets including BTC, ETH, LTC, and DOT. At the same time, HBTC Chain improved the protection for assets through the technology of private key sharding, securing the on-chain assets. Moreover, HBTC Chain launched the cross-chain DEX SaaS service, providing the decentralized OTC services and supporting the trading for NFTs. In line with its position of DeFi infrastructure, the API of HBTC Chain is opened to the public in order to satisfy the needs from developers and better serve the community.

Bluehelix Group is continuously pursuit to leading the development of the industries through technology, which is the same work that Apple has been doing. Just like Wozniak said, true innovation is one that improves people’s lives. Efforce has managed to combined a blockchain project with a traditional industry, and the issuance of WOZX has pushed the blockchain and the energy efficiency industry forward to the future. Starting with the cooperation between Efforce and HBTC.com, innovations in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry are one step closer to become a revolution that ultimately benefit us, the people.

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